About Us

Here at mushyfoot.com we provide handmade Jutti(s). It may be something which a lot of people may not know about, but existing with everything mushyfoot.com is working and providing its clients with high quality handmade Jutii which is suitable for everyone.

Mushy Foot ended up transforming from a small enterprise to an online store which is capable to serve its customers  pan india.

Existing for our customers and their needs, staff at mushy foot is not just selling its product but also creating a chain of trending fashion, to make sure that its clients are satisfied with the Jutti, there are always efforts being made to make everything better.

Jutti may be the footwear everyone thinks about Luxury Appearance, Traditional Aura, Soft and Comfortable. Being a delight to all the customers all the products from mushy foot are of high quality which will always stood out and impress the customers and are handmade which provides a quality which is unmatched.

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