Choosing which product you need to buy, you can pay in any method you want. Whether it is cash on delivery, credit transaction, online payment or online banking.

Making an order, it is our duty to make sure that the product is safely delivered where you want and payment needs to be properly made. So with every order, you need to put down your address and enough information that would cover the requirements for your payment method.

With you making the order, we will start the delivery process as soon as we will get your delivery address, the product will be transported to your address.

Providing our products all over India, our products can reach wherever you need them to be.

It is generally acceptable to cancel the order. The order can be cancelled before the delivery process has started. If the product is already being delivered to you then the order cannot be cancel. Instead you can return the product and we can refund you. It needs to be noted that the product being refund should not be damaged or worn in any kind of way.

As it is different to every customer, the delivery time will depend on the distance between our warehouse to the delivery address.

The products on our website are handmade by our workers. Being something that requires attention, focus and time to be made there are no signs of any error or any features of being low of quality.

Getting our products anyone could see the value of handmade Jutties

Working even before this company was established, our workers are a part of the rich culture around hand made Jutties. Understanding the need for new designs and the structure of the Jutties, our workers first determines which product they need to make. After designing the product, taking required resources it is easy for our workers to construct handmade and high quality Jutties.

Our signature quality of our unique Jutties that are handcrafted by artists who have been making Jutties for years.

Our personal information is safe with us. For more assurance read our privacy policy and learn how we use your private information and hiw it is safe with us.

Any chance of indentidy theft is not possible from us as we just want your information to successfully deliver our products where you want.

Yes, the link will be shared with you accordingly through mail and text.

Yes, Cash on Delivery is available on every purchase

As before this website our business was still existing in Punjab, our products are still being handmade by our workers in Punjab.

We have picked the best handpicked raw material from Punjab.

Yes, we do provide orders outside India but  only BULKY orders

We usually don’t charge on deliveries, but if the order demand is is high the we will charge a nominal price from you

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